Cost effective corrosion resistance for multiple industries.

Our high volume system is characterized by uniform plating thickness, brilliant finish with superior performance characteristics.

Rack Zinc Plating processes are available for Clear or Black Trivalent (Hexavalent Chrome Free) or Yellow Zinc Dichromate variations. The plating performance meets the following specifications:


OEM: Specification:
BMW GS 90010-1
Bosch F00R.000.110, 633, 828, 5J0105
Brose 590295 Part
Chrysler PS-79, PS-1207, PS-9500, PS-4420
Daimler DBL 8451
Delphi DX 551200
Denso PF-60814
Fiat 9.57405
Ford WSS-M21P44-A(1-4), WSS-M21P50-A(1-2)
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd TS430-01-035, TS103-00-042
GE GME00252
General Motors GMW 3044, GM 4345M
Honda HES D 2003
Isuzu ISCB11-994H
Tesla Motors TM-0009F-M -Grade 01
Toyota TSH6500, TSH6524G-U, TSH6524G-S, TSH6524G-A, TSH6524G-B
Teves ATE N 522 61.04
Mazda MFZnT1, MFZnT2, MFZnT3
Nissan MFZn3C, MFZn5C, MFZn8C, MFZn13C, MFZn3B, MFZn5B, MFZn8B, MFZn13B, MFZn3K, MFZn5K, MFZn8K, MFZn13K