What’s New


Nylon 11 Coating passes flammability standards

Critical safety components coated with Artisan’s newly installed Nylon dip system pass the rigorous BSDM0500 Flammability test. This technical standard ensures the environmental performance of components used in various automotive assemblies. Nylon 11 is applied to reduce wear, squeak, rattle and corrosion. Processing capacity is available for Stampings, springs and wire-form products. This coating also passes BSDM0505 Smell Quality Testing.

Plant expansion underway for a 10,000 square foot addition.

After 5 years of continuous growth, our manufacturing infrastructure is currently going through some significant changes. With recent growth and diversification in our customer base, we are happy to announce the completion of our 10,000 square foot expansion is on track to be wrapped up by the end of July 2015. This new phase of development is one of many planned over the next 18 months and this will provide Artisan an opportunity to pursue further diversification opportunities and expansion into new areas of Metal Finishing. This added real estate will allow us to provide our customers with a greater compliment of services under one roof, which will in turn improve their turn-around times and reduce inventories.

Artisan receives federal funding for Industrial Expansion

London Area MPs Susan Truppe, Joe Preston and Ed Holder, Science and Technology Minister visited the Artisan Metal Finishing facility along with numerous local business leaders to announce government funding in support of manufacturing growth. “Artisan Metal Finishing is now considered one of the strongest competitors within the metal finishing industry and, with the assistance of FedDev Ontario, we anticipate even more growth over the next several years.” Barry Foley President of Artisan.

In addition to creating jobs, the funding will help finance diversified finishing processes enabling greater diversity and efficiencies in the Automotive, Defense and General Industry Sectors of our Region.

Artisan helps Western Race Team keep their competitive edge

“Without a skilled driver, a performance Race Car is only as good as the sum of its component parts.”

In 2013 Artisan refined and perfected the application of black zinc electroplating for corrosion resistance up to 270 hours red corrosion in Neutral Salt Spray.

Using this same surface treatment as supplied to Toyota Motor Corporation and various other Manufacturing companies in Canada, Artisan helps Western Race team keep their Race Car corrosion free when they compete with 100 or so colleges and universities in Formula Racing.

In keeping with Artisan’s environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing, this process uses trivalent chromates and is applied at the minimum thickness to reduce waste while still maintain performance.