Manganese Phosphate

Manganese phosphate coating has the highest hardness, superior corrosion and wear resistances of general phosphate coatings. Manganese phosphating is extensively employed to improve the sliding properties of engine, gear, and power transmission systems as well as solid basis for corrosion resistance in Automotive, Defense and general industry applications. This process offers improved break-in and better wear resistance than some alternatives.

phosphate gear

OEM: Specification:
Brose BN 590295-XXX, Fe/Mnph/10 T4.3, Fe/Mnph/r/10 4.1
Defense (DOD MIL) MIL-DTL-16232, DOD-P-16232
Ford M3B40-A, FORD WSD-M3P33-A2
General Electric VGS 6.2.3
McLaren 23-00907-0007667