Zinc Plate with Topcoat

Zinc Plating with Aluminum Rich-Organic Topcoat

Both of these processes are carried out at one single manufacturing location making it an excellent option for components such as fasteners, strikers and stampings. Electrolytic applied zinc plating with a spray or dip topcoat provides enhanced corrosion protection, colour and consistent torque tension. This coating is referred to as a ‘duplex’ finishing system and is available using various branded coatings such as Magni 560 and Techseal® and various colours.

OEM: Specification:
Case New Holland MAT0320, Type 2, Class A
FCA PS-9295
Ford WSS-M21P40-A1/A2(S440)
Daimler-Benz DBL 8451.69, 8451.7
General Motors GMW 4707, GM 7113M
Jaguar LandRover STJLR.50.5048-A1
U.S. Army/TACOM 12469117
Volkswagen C 641 (TL 217), C 347  (TL  217 black)
Volvo VCS5737.29