Crystalline conversion coating

Often reffered to as “Phos and Oil” this process is applied using basket or rack immersion methods. An ultra-thin coating provides a corrosion resistant surface at a thin coating weight. As a pre-cursor to painting or assembly this process has a range of top-coats available including Oil, Paint, Wax or Organic Topcoat. The anticipated range of corrosion protection from this process is between 4 – 72 hours NSS.


OEM: Specification:
Brose BN 590295-XXX, Fe/Znph/10 T4.3, Fe/Znph/r/10 T4.1, Fe/Znph/r/25 T4.1
Chrysler PS-80, PS-4764
Delphi DX550700
Department of Defence / Military DOD -16232F, MIL-P-16232, MIL-C-13924, TT-C-490
Ford Motor Company ESB-M3, P4-A, ESB-M3P5-A, ESF-M3P6-A, ESF-M3P7-A, ESF-M3P9-A, ESF-M3P10-A, ESS-M3P20-A, WSD-M21P19-A30
Defense (DOD MIL) TT-C-490 Type I, Type V
General Motors GMW 3179, GMW4435M
Volkswagen VW 13750