The ultimate scrificial coating for corrosion resistance.

The management team at Artisan has pioneered the application of Zinc Flake coating(also knowns as Zinc Rich coatings) in Canada for the last 15 years. These processes offer our customers the highest degree of corrosion protection for severe conditions.


Artisan is the only approved Canadian Spray applicator of these two leading brands of Zinc Flake coatings:

The atotech Range of products, including Zintek 200, Zintek 300 (Black) & Zintek top.

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The magni Range of products, including Magni 560, Magni 565 & Magni 568A.

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These Hexavalent Chrome Free, coatings are applied via, Dip-Spin, Spray or Dip Drain Methodologies. Ranging in film thicknesses from 4-25 microns, depending on the application, these coatings are a modern-alternative to Cadmium-Plating, Hot Dip and Mechanical Galvanizing. They also offer UV resistance with a range of top-coats to suit colour requirements, torque tension or aesthetic needs. Regardless of your specific requirements, we have the experience, the licensing and the application techniques to exceed 2000 hours NSS performance.

Specification Compliance:

Alstom HS-CPA03
Almonix 90400026
Areva MV-00.0-GP.KO.000.999-A
Arvin Meritor P91
ASTM A490, F2833 Grade 1, F1137 Type 3, F1136
Bae  3000009
Bobcat PS-106A
Bosch 0 201 Y82 119
BMW GS90010
Briggs & Stratton Magni 56
Brose BN590295-106
Brembo BDS 11.22
Continental ATE N 106 61.00
Case New Holland MAT0320, Type 1, Class A
Chysler PS-5873, PS-10633, PS-10378
Cummins 74045
Diamler-Benz DBL 8440, 8457, 9460
Delphi DX551801, DX45501804, DX551810, DX44501804
Denso DDS6700-800 DF3-BT
Dometic 12-67 E2
Fiat 9.57513/Tipo IV
Ford S439 (WSS-M21P37-A1), WSS-M21P40-A1, A2
GE F69A4
General Dynamics ASTM F1136 Zinc Flake
General Motors GM7114M, GMW3359, GME00255
Honda HES D2008-1, HES D2008-2, 9000Z-T2AA-A000, HES D2008-2A, HES D2008-2B, HES D2008-2C, HES D2008-2D
Hyundai Kia MS619-08
ISO 10683
Iveco 18-1101
JLG 4150801
John Deere JDM F13
Land Rover LRES.21.ZS.05
Navistar TMS-4518, Type I
Nissan M4601
Porsche PTL 7529
PSA B15 3320
Renault Trucks 01.71.4002/H, 01-71-002
Schneider 155881701A06, ABD00048
Tacom/US Army 12469117
Trane S 3201063A1
TSH 7702G
TRW TS 2-25-60, Class A
Volkswagen TL 233 Ofl-t330/Ofl-t350/Ofl-t650/TL-180/TL-245
Volvo VCS5737.29, .19